Mahaeschol Maharashtra e-Scholarship 2018 Update

Update: Mahaeschol portal is reponed by Maharastra Govt from 21.11.2017 for the purpose of formulating the request for the Government of India Scholarship / Education Fee Exam Fee and other Matriculation and Matriculation Online Schemes for the 2016-17 and 2015-16 colleges and schools and District Social Welfare Office.

Accordingly, all the colleges have been advised that all the pending applications on the Mahavidyalaya level have been extended for forwarding the district social welfare office till date 07.12.2017. All colleges/schools should take note of no further extension.

Update: Note for the year 2017-18, students should submit their matriculation and post-matric scholarship/education fee examination fees/scholarship / residual allowance only on the newly launched portal.


This is the old post, For new 2018 guide in MahaDBT scholarship, check the link at the bottom of this post.

In today’s epoch of Inflation, where everybody tries to save even a penny if he could, Education seems to be a heavy burden on one’s wallet. Unlike one side of a coin pursuing education is a necessity for everyone and on another side, it is the most costly area where parents have to focus a lot. Not only the fees, there are several extra sectors where education demands heavy money. Some sectors include books, copies, stationary items, drawing items, project work, functions in school, meals at school and many more.

After all, everyone wants some fee favor. Moreover, the educating authority gives price hike every year by some percent. For this reason, government or other NGO’s of every state in India raises funds that are distributed to some children based on their qualification and talent and category. This is provided under various Scholarship programmes that state government launches or some particular group of people launches.

Similarly, for Maharashtra people and students, we have a good news who are trying to earn a scholarship from the government or other sources.  The government of Maharashtra has launched an e-Scholarship portal for all students that wish to earn a scholarship. All you students need to do is to stand in the prerequisites, I mean eligibility criteria and if fall under this, you can apply for this online. The government of Maharashtra has provided a golden opportunity for some students that fall into this category. So the candidates that feel they satisfy the underwritten prerequisites can apply online for this scheme by filling the form online and hence get registered.

This Scholarship old name was MAHA-E-SCHOLAR. For 2017 scholarship registration, students are advised to check out the prerequisites of scholarship and if you fit under this, you are free to fill in the form with underwritten guidelines. The scheme focuses on providing the scholarship to students who fall under SC, VJNT, SBC category who aspire to pursue higher education. The scholarship is offered to above-mentioned students who earned 75% and above in Senior Secondary Exams. So this is the chance that Maharashtra government provides to students who are forced to quit their studies due to some or other financial drawback.

Mahaeschol E-Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

Now let us discuss some important aspects of this scholarship scheme. Since students who aspire to pursue higher studies and require this scholarship for higher education, please read out carefully these prerequisites.

  • A student who applies for the scholarship must be a student from Maharashtra. He must have a birth certificate mentioning he is permanent resident of Maharashtra.
  • Students who wish to apply for this scholarship programme must have completed his/ her studies from Maharashtra state only.
  • Students are eligible for getting Scholarship only if they have cleared Senior Secondary Examinations with 60% and above.
  • Students who wish to get funded from Maharashtra government for higher studies under this Scholarship must be of SC, ST, VJNT (Vimukta Jat Nomadic Tribes), SBC (Special Backward Class, OBC (Other Backward Class).

Documents required for Mahaeschol Scholarship

Please check the list of documents that you need to scan and provide. In case you miss any document, it is advisable to first prepare that document and then go for registration.

  • The student must have a Caste Certificate issued by some Competent Officer.
  • Must have a proper proof of family income provided under Form 16.
  • Must have Nivaas Praman Patra, also known as Residence Certificate.
  • Mark sheets of all exams passed earlier must be kept with the student while applying.

How to Apply online for Mahaeschol Scholarship

The steps are quite simple to fill out the form and register for this Scholarship. A detailed explanation is given below to register however for more convenience. This is the old procedure, For new 2018 guide in MahaDBT scholarship, check the link in the bottom of this post.

  • Open the official website that is Maharashtra Scholarship portal or click over the link provided at the end of the article.
  • If you are an Existing User, log in with the credentials you used.
  • In case you have forgotten those credentials, you can regain them through FORGOT Options mentioned below.
  • In case you are a new user, you first need to create an account.
  • For this go to NEW USER on the same page (under Forgot Password).
  • Now you need to choose whether you are initially a PREMATRIC or a POSTMATRIC Student.
  • You also need to provide correctly all the primary details that are required on the same page like Caste Category, Caste, Are you BPL, Maharashtra resident etc.
  • Once you have entered all the information’s correctly, portal demands you to enter your valid Mobile number.
  • As soon as you enter your number, within few seconds you will receive an OTP( One time password). Enter this OTP from your mobile phone correctly.
  • Once you validate your Mobile number, you will be assigned a Username and a Password that can be used for login purpose in future.
  • Once you log in for the first time with your username and password, students will be asked to enter some more details like Your Scholarship Scheme, bank details, photo, Education details, Applicant details, User account management.
  • Now you can submit the online application after checking it correctly.
  • Once you submit your online Scholarship, please wait for a while till the concerned authority verifies and approves your application for eligibility condition as per the information provided.
  • Now your application is submitted and in case you want to track the status of your application, please log in with the credentials and track it.
  • Once the site opens, click on Student Application Status.
  • Enter your Application Number and Scheme or User Name and Academic Year.

This is how you can register for MahaESchol, An online scholarship portal for the students who want to study further but cannot afford it themselves. In case you need any more information please write your queries in the comment box and let me know.

Update 2018

From 2018, MahaESchol scholarship is renamed and it is now called MahaDBT Scholarship. We provided all new info on that new post so click on that link for new 2018 information.