E-Scholarship Registration & Application Forms For Students | How to Apply ?

This is the old procedure, For new 2018 guide in MahaDBT scholarship, check the link in the bottom of this post.

We have seen that many students were asking for information about E-Scholarship Registration Application Forms. All of them have same one question, How to Apply? So started this unofficial info site of Mahaeschol Scholarship. This scholarship is actually named to MahaDBT now.

What is Mahaeschol Scholarship

In this website, we are going to give you a full guidance about the Scholarship started by the Social Welfare Development (Samaj Kalyan Vibhag) and by the Maharashtra Government. As the statistics clearly say that only 30-40% of students are educated about the scholarship which Maharashtra govt raise every year for the school, colleges & university student, but the rest are absolutely unaware about it. Why is it happening so? it’s just because of the lack of awareness about it.

So in our today’s topic, I will be disclosing you, who can apply for the scholarship, what is the exact procedure and how you can you apply for it. So let’s get Started with Mahaeschol Registration Form & Mahaeschol Application Form.

Note: This Scholarship is renamed in 2018 and please visit MahaDBT page for latest 2018 information.

Eligibility Criteria For Scholarship Form

As it clearly states that Maharashtra Scholarship Form is strictly for the student who is born in Maharashtra only or he/she should be domiciled in the state of Maharashtra. This means that non-Maharashtrian students can’t apply for the scholarship. But he/she is born outside of Maharashtra state but their parents are living from 20-25 years in Maharashtra. Well, in that case, students can create a domiciled certificate to apply for it.

This was regarding the birth criteria now comes the caste system, if you belong to any of this caste listed below then you can apply for it.

  • SC – Schedule Caste
  • ST – Schedule Tribes
  • NT – Nomadic Tribes
  • SBC – Special Backward Class
  • OBC – Other Backward Class

So this is the list of caste students who can apply for the Scholarship. If you born in Maharashtra or domiciled in Maharashtra by the following caste then and then you can apply for it.

Along with this, you need to have various different documents as listed below.

  • Caste Certificate
  • Caste Validity Certificate
  • Income Certificate
  • Non-Creamy Layer Certificate

You need to submit the original/main documents for the verification of scholarship forms. So this was the basic requirements and Eligibility criteria for Scholarship.

E-Scholarship Registration Forms & Application Forms

So now the question arises how to get started with the filling up scholarship forms? If you have all the documents listed above then you can fill up the scholarship forms. Here are the Stepwise information about filling up the scholarship forms.

  • Visit Mahaechol.Maharashtra.Gov.In mahaeschol login page. This website is no longer working so please go to MahaDBT post-2018 info.
  • Your Page Will Seems To appear like this.
  • Then click on the new student registration with new id and password.
  • Then start filling up the form with required information.
  • At last, take out a final print of it and submit it to the respected School, College, or University. Now everything is online. You don’t need to take a print of it. Again, visit the link in the first point.

So this was all about the Mahaeschol Registration & Application Form, hope you have got the detailed information about it. If you need some more information about it then do comment down below on your quest we will be helpful to give you proper guidance about it.

Update 2018

From 2018, MahaESchol scholarship is renamed and it is now called MahaDBT Scholarship. We provided all new info on that new post so click on that link for new 2018 information.